Sunday, 19 December 2010

Services Provided by our Rental Centre

  • We will come to the property to give you a rental valuation, and to advise you on ways to optimize your property for the rental market.
  • We will advise you on the latest legislation and all other legal matters that you may have to address in order to let out your property.
  • We can arrange for an EPC to be made on your behalf, or for the display of an EPC you have acquired yourself.
  • We will have photographs professionally taken of the property for marketing and to record the condition of the property.
  • Full details of your property will be placed on our website (, and on a regional ( and national ( website.
  • Your property will be added to our printed Rental List, available from our office.
  • We will enquire with our Rental Mailing list to see if existing potential tenants might be interested in your property if there are seeking similar rentals.
  • At your discretion we will erect one of our distinctive Red, White and Black boards at the property.
  • We will escort any prospective tenants around the property for viewings, and all viewing are made though our office.
  • An interested tenant is vetting though a set application procedure, we gather as much information as is possible, to insure a viable tenant for your property.
  • The information on any good tenants is then presented to the Landlord for approval. The landlord has full discretion as to who can and cannot let out their property.
  • We will then arrange for a legally binding Tenancy Agreement to be signed for a 6 Month lease to your property, with the necessary provisions included that might apply to your design.
  • We will provide the tenant with all the required legal documentation in a Rent Book, as required by legislation. They will be provided with al the necessary contact details for our office, so that we may be their point of contact for any complaints or problems.
  • We will collect a deposit and first month’s rent at the outset of the tenancy and collect each month’s rent thereafter in advance on the same day of the month.
  • Each month we shall send you an account of your property detailing money paid in, our commission, any works done, and the amount paid to you, in which ever manner you have chosen.
  • At the end of the tenancy we shall, collect the keys, inspect the property and report back to you for approval, you may accept our recommendation or inspect the property yourself to determine whether the tenant should have their deposit returned.
  • Before this point, if you desire for the property to be put on the market to rent again, we shall have begun the process again.